Why this election is important

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. It has been a tremendous honor to serve you on the Board of Supervisors over the last seven years and I believe that we’ve accomplished some significant things together - from adding more Sheriffs deputies on our streets, building and upgrading new parks, to improving affordable housing options and even making County government more open and responsive through technological advancements.

But our county continues to face many challenges and there is still much that needs to be done - and I invite you to continue in a conversation about what we want for our county’s future.

Daily, I hear stories from parents in our community concerned that their children are being priced out of living here or must work multiple jobs to make ends meet. I’ve heard from seniors on fixed incomes who are facing rent increases and fear homelessness -forced to choose between medications and housing. Many in our community are housing insecure - one paycheck away from an inability to pay rent. And is so often the case, the voices against change are loud - but I know, that working together there is no challenge we won’t overcome.

We just came through some of the most difficult economic times in local history. We’ve seen how these economic challenges can easily place vital services at risk – from parks, to public safety, to funding for our local safety net programs. But even with this backdrop, I worked during this term to focus on the priorities I committed to you when I first announced my candidacy eight years ago.

In the last two terms we’ve added Sheriff’s deputies to our streets, built the first new park in Aptos in a generation and started to upgrade others, passed a dedicated road funding that allowed for the first major residential road repairs in our district in over two decades, tripled our County’s reserves and reduced pension obligations to improve our financial standing, made significant improvements to affordable housing policies including reducing regulations and eliminating fees on small affordable units, created a mobile app for our community to interact with County government in a new way, passed broadband policies that have increased Internet speeds and competition in many parts of our district, strengthened farmland protections and initiated agricultural ordinance updates to ensure farmland stays in production, made safety improvements around school zones including new bike and pedestrian safety measures and much more.

And while this is just a partial list of what we’ve accomplished together, I know that there is much more to do.

As I did in my previous two elections, my campaign will not be accepting Political Action Committee (PAC) money. This will be a grassroots effort and I believe it’s important to keep that kind of funding out of local elections. I want to continue an environment where your voice, your values and your vision are carried to the Board of Supervisors.

It is important to me that your thoughts are heard during this campaign. Please join in on the community conversation by clicking here. I know together we can continue to accomplish many great things. I would be honored to have your support.


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